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Publications by date about: TANF

December 4, 2014Fact SheetWorking, But Still Poor
June 28, 2013Blog PostSo they say their priority is "jobs" . . .
June 27, 2013Fact SheetWorking But Still Poor
March 30, 2013Blog PostWill the 2013 Legislature Thaw Decades of Indifference to Oregon’s Poorest Children?
March 18, 2013InfographicTANF Income Limit Frozen for Over Two Decades
September 22, 2011News ReleaseRecession Continues to Hammer Oregonians, Particularly Children and Minorities
June 5, 2011Blog PostHow Much do Poor Kids Matter Compared to Corporations and the Rich?
April 4, 2011ReportOregon Can Do Better Than Harm Poor Kids
April 3, 2011Statesman JournalProposal would a make bad situation worse
January 31, 2011News ReleaseOregon's Cash Assistance Program Helps Far Fewer Needy Families Than 15 Years Ago
September 28, 2010News ReleaseOregon's Poverty Rate Rises, Median Income Drops
July 22, 2010News ReleaseCongress Gives Unemployment Insurance Lifeline to Tens of Thousands of Oregonians and Pumps Millions of Dollars into Oregon’s Economy But Will It Take Additional Steps to Protect Jobs?
July 12, 2010Fact SheetThe Swing of the Budget Ax
July 1, 2010CenterPointsPreventing the Economy From Sliding Back Into the Ditch
June 25, 2010News ReleaseU.S. Senate Vote Threatens Oregon's and Nation's Recovery
May 20, 2010Fact SheetContinue What’s Working
September 4, 2009ReportLabor Day Woes and Wishes
September 4, 2009News ReleaseReport Highlights "Woes and Wishes" for Workers This Labor Day
August 21, 2009News ReleaseWelfare Reform’s Self-Sufficiency Goal Further Away in Oregon
June 9, 2009Fact SheetRaise Revenue or Deepen the Pain
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