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Publications about health insurance

December 8, 2014TestimonyOregon Can Design a Win-Win Basic Health Program
November 10, 2014News ReleaseBasic Health Can Increase Health Coverage and Economic Security for Thousands of Oregon Families
October 24, 2014Blog PostHealth Care for ALL Children
October 22, 2014ReportHealth Care for All Children
September 18, 2014Portland Business JournalWhy Oregon’s uninsured rate plummeted this year
September 16, 2014News Release"A Benchmark for the Success of the Affordable Care Act"
September 5, 2014Fact SheetBasic Health Could Improve Dental Coverage in Oregon
May 15, 2014News ReleaseLack of Health Insurance a Bigger Problem for Some Groups of Oregonians
May 15, 2014Fact SheetGains and Gaps in Oregon Health Coverage
February 14, 2014Portland Business JournalBeyond Cover Oregon: The problem of uninsured and affordability will continue
January 27, 2014Fact SheetUninsured Despite the Mandate
January 14, 2014InfographicSimple Guide to Basic Health
January 6, 2014State of ReformHealth Advocates Ask Oregon to Look Into “Basic Health Plan Option”
September 19, 2013Fact SheetStruggling Families in Each Oregon Congressional District Need SNAP Improved, Not Cut
June 11, 2013TestimonyBasic Health's Advantages
May 4, 2013Blog PostOregon's Lesson to the Nation: Medicaid Works
March 21, 2013CenterPointsBasic Health May Be What the Doctor Ordered for Oregon
March 4, 2013Issue BriefThe Basics of the Basic Health Program
February 7, 2013Fact SheetImages of Progress in Oregon Health Coverage
September 12, 2012Blog PostOregon’s Progress on Health Coverage Shows Progress on Poverty Is Also Possible
September 12, 2012Fact SheetOregon Is the Only State with Improved Health Coverage, but Poverty Rises and Income Flatlines
June 28, 2012News ReleaseWe're All in This Together to Help 440,000 Uninsured Oregonians
April 15, 2012Mail TribuneOregon small businesses support Affordable Care Act
March 29, 2012CBS NewsSmall business owners mixed over health care law
March 22, 2012Issue BriefHow the Affordable Care Act Lowers Costs for Small Businesses
December 9, 2011Fact SheetThe ABCs of CCOs
October 27, 2011Blog PostThanks Obamacare!
September 22, 2011News ReleaseOregon's Progress on Child Health Coverage Offers Hope
September 22, 2011News ReleaseRecession Continues to Hammer Oregonians, Particularly Children and Minorities
September 13, 2011The OregonianHealth insurance marketplace: Oregon Health Exchange must bargain to survive
September 8, 2011Issue BriefInoculating Oregon's Health Exchange Against Adverse Selection
September 8, 2011Issue BriefThe Active Purchaser Imperative
July 20, 2011Issue BriefStrides Against Economic Headwinds
March 22, 2011CenterPointsCelebrating the Affordable Care Act's Anniversary and Achievements
October 6, 2010News ReleaseUninsured, Poor Oregonians Should Take a Chance With the Oregon Health Plan, OCPP Says
October 6, 2010KTVZ (Bend)Oregonians Urged To Seek Health Plan Slots
September 29, 2010KUOWPoverty on the Rise in the Northwest
September 28, 2010News ReleaseOregon's Poverty Rate Rises, Median Income Drops
September 1, 2010CenterPointsThe Month When Americans Began to Take Back Their Health Care
May 27, 2010News ReleaseFederal Health Reform Ban on Discrimination Against Pre-existing Conditions Will Benefit 1 in 4 Non-elderly Oregonians
October 20, 2009News Release"A Wallop of a Message"
September 22, 2009News ReleaseOne in Six Oregonians Lacked Health Insurance
September 10, 2009News ReleaseCensus Data Show No Oregon Progress in Expanding Health Coverage or Reducing Poverty
July 2, 2009CenterPointsSmall Businesses: Big Winners Under Health Reform
June 10, 2009Issue BriefMisplaced Priorities
June 9, 2009Fact SheetRaise Revenue or Deepen the Pain
June 2, 2009CenterPointsAffordability Is Key to Real Health Care Reform
April 9, 2009Issue BriefIt Shouldn’t Matter Who Paid for Screening
April 9, 2009Issue BriefSB 892 Aims to Save Women’s Lives
February 6, 2009News ReleaseHouse, Not Senate, Economic Package Would Ease Health Care Squeeze for About 51,000 Unemployed, Low-Income Oregonians
February 3, 2009Fact SheetHow Much Does Oregon Stand to Gain From the House Economic Stimulus Package?
January 9, 2009News ReleaseKeeping Health Coverage Too Expensive for Laid-Off Oregon Workers
November 11, 2008News ReleaseOregon Uninsured Children
November 2, 2008CenterPointsFired Up and Ready to Go End Poverty
October 9, 2008News ReleaseEmployment-Based Health Coverage Shrinks in Oregon and Nation
January 28, 2008News ReleaseOCPP Encourages Poor to Gamble With Oregon Health Plan Lottery
December 20, 2007News ReleaseStatement by OCPP Analyst Janet Bauer: Bare-bones SCHIP bill contrary to public sentiment
December 5, 2007News ReleaseLeading Oregon organizations urge Congress to pass children’s health bill
October 25, 2007News ReleaseStatement by OCPP’s Janet Bauer on House Approval of Children’s Health Care Bill
October 18, 2007News ReleaseStatement by OCPP Policy Analyst Janet Bauer on House Failure to Override CHIP Veto
October 11, 2007News ReleaseCongressman Walden Urged to Support Kids’ Health Program
October 3, 2007News ReleaseStatement by Janet Bauer, OCPP Policy Analyst, on President Bush’s Veto of the Bipartisan Kids’ Health Insurance Bill
September 25, 2007News ReleaseStatement by Janet Bauer, OCPP Policy Analyst, on US House Vote on Children's Health Insurance Measure
August 31, 2007ReportAn Economy for the Few
August 28, 2007News ReleaseOregonians Mired in Poverty and Lacking in Health Insurance Despite Income Gains for Typical Household
June 26, 2007News Release“Medicare Advantage” Insurance Plan Overpayments in Oregon Third Highest in Nation
May 24, 2007News ReleaseReport Shows Benefits to Oregon’s Kids and the Economy if Congress Makes Good on Budget Promise for Health Care
April 25, 2007Issue BriefFor the Health of Kids & the Economy
March 14, 2007News ReleaseNew Report: Fewer Low-Income Parents Are Being Offered Health Insurance on the Job While Vast Majority of Uninsured Kids Live in Homes with a Worker
February 5, 2007News ReleaseStatement by Janet Bauer, OCPP Policy Analyst, on the President’s Proposed FY2008 Budget
September 2, 2006News ReleaseWho's Getting Ahead This Labor Day?
September 5, 2004News ReleaseWorkers Toil in Recovery's Shadows this Labor Day: State of Working Oregon
August 26, 2004News ReleaseOregonians’ Gains from 1990s Boom Fully Erased
May 13, 2004Issue BriefOregon’s Long Climb Back for Jobs
September 1, 2003ReportRecovery Lost: Oregon's Faltering Economy Brings More Bad News for Workers
August 21, 2003News ReleaseNew Report On Oregon's Economy Shows Recovery Has Faltered, Oregon Workers Suffering Consequences
November 6, 2002News ReleaseBoom, Bust, & Beyond
September 28, 2001News ReleaseOregon "Mediocre" In Health Insurance Coverage
July 24, 2001News ReleaseOne in Three Oregon Families with Young Children Can't Afford Basics Like Food, Housing, Health Care
September 29, 2000News ReleaseCensus Finds Oregon Health Plan Ill
September 4, 2000ReportProsperity in Perspective
August 14, 2000News Release"Prosperity in Perspective" on Labor Day
September 4, 1999News ReleaseWhen Prosperity Passes By
February 9, 1999News ReleaseMany Of Oregon's Low Income Parents Lack Health Insurance
August 23, 1998ReportComparing Spendable Income, Welfare vs. Work


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