Oregon's Economy Grows....Income Inequality

June 8, 2012

Dear Editor:

The news that Oregon's gross domestic product (GDP) grew faster than all but one other state in 2011 rightly belonged as the lead story in the The Oregonian's June 6 edition, for it tells of Oregon's economic strength relative to the rest of the nation.

As Oregon Center for Public Policy analysis shows, when adjusted for our population, Oregon shined as well, registering the third highest per capita GDP growth among all states.

Hopefully, this GDP news will put an end to claims by the business community, politicians and editorial writers that Oregon's taxes discourage economic growth. The data shows otherwise.

Oregon's problem is not economic growth; we shine relative to most other states.

Rather, the real economic problem facing Oregon is that our economic gains are flowing to a relative few. Oregon's income inequality deserves the same front page coverage.

Charles Sheketoff, Executive Director
Oregon Center for Public Policy