Oregon Should Turn to Health Industry to Fill Medicaid Budget Gap

Executive Summary
January 18, 2017By Janet Bauer Download PDF

Oregon should turn to the health care industry to fill a looming budget hole in its Medicaid program, the Oregon Health Plan. The Affordable Care Act, including its expansion of Medicaid, has benefitted much of the health care industry. So, it is fitting that the health care industry chip in more to support Oregon’s Medicaid program, allowing Oregonians to continue to receive the health care they need.

Medicaid is a pillar of Oregon’s health care system.

Medicaid is a great deal for Oregon. When Oregon invests in Medicaid, it triggers an investment by the federal government, pumping billions of federal dollars into the state’s economy.

The Oregon Health Plan faces a funding shortfall of $882 million. About half of the budget gap is due to the fact that, starting in 2017, the federal government will no longer pay the full cost of the Medicaid expansion.

Oregon should increase and establish additional health care provider taxes. Specifically, lawmakers should:

Looking to health care industry to fill the Medicaid budget gap is appropriate.

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