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June 13, 2023

As working families across Oregon struggle with rising costs and meager wages, Oregon is on course to send massive tax rebates to the richest Oregonians. A $5.5 billion “kicker” rebate appears to be on its way. The rich will get huge rebates, while low- and moderate-income Oregonians will receive little or nothing.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A better kicker is possible. The Working Families Kicker would send every Oregon tax filer an equal amount, resulting in most Oregonians getting bigger tax rebates, helping families make ends meet. The calculator below gives you a sense of the difference.

To interpret the results of the calculator, consider someone who has an Adjusted Gross Income of $500,000 per year, more than about 97 percent of all Oregonians. Under current law, they'd get a kicker worth more than $17,000. With the Working Families Kicker, they'd get the same amount as everyone else — about $2,450.

Please note that the calculator above is a rough tool to calculate your kicker. Without detailed tax information for each individual, and certainty on what size the next kicker will be, there is no way to exactly calculate what your current kicker or Working Families Kicker would be. This calculator uses the best available data, and details on the methodology are included below.


This analysis is based on 2020 tax year data and does not have all of the tax information needed to calculate your exact kicker. Instead, it uses average tax information and effective tax rates for similar filers to estimate a kicker amount. The Working Families Kicker value is set at the average (mean) kicker for all taxpayers last estimated by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis for the upcoming kicker.

The current kicker was estimated based on the most recent estimate from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis of $5,537,500,000. This analysis does not factor in changes in the distribution of incomes between the 2020 tax year and the tax year the kicker will be distributed based on. This analysis also does not incorporate tax paid to other states in the kicker estimate.

For the calculation of the percent of Oregon tax filers who make less than you, we calculated the share of filers with adjusted gross income below the income bin you fit into. For example, if you made $120,000, you fit into the $100,000 - $250,000 income bin from the Oregon Department of Revenue and 79 percent of filers make less than $100,000.

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