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Publications by date about: State budget

September 11, 2014Fact SheetCon-way: The Loophole Allowing Corporations to Avoid Oregon's Minimum Tax
April 11, 2014Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2014 Edition
February 26, 2014Blog PostTrucking Along, Avoiding Corporate Income Taxes
February 7, 2014Blog PostSchool Dollars Belong to Schools, Not Special Interests: Sign the Petition
January 23, 2014Blog PostToward A Budget That Addresses Racial Disparities and Creates Opportunity for All
October 2, 2013InfographicGrand Bargain Business Subsidy Dwarfs Assistance for Working Families
September 30, 2013Blog PostIf You’re Going to Make A Bad Deal, at Least Don’t Make It Open-Ended
September 25, 2013Blog Post20 pictures that explain why we're in for a grandly flawed tax bargain
September 25, 2013SlideshowSlideshow: Analysis of Tax Provisions in “Grand Bargain”
September 25, 2013Issue BriefA Grandly Flawed Bargain
July 1, 2013News ReleaseHouse Tax Credits Bill Rightly Puts Low-Income Working Families First; Senate Should Do Likewise
June 28, 2013Blog PostSo they say their priority is "jobs" . . .
June 1, 2013Blog PostBizarro World
April 3, 2013The OregonianA Sales Tax is the Wrong Place for Oregon to Start on Reform
March 30, 2013Blog PostWill the 2013 Legislature Thaw Decades of Indifference to Oregon’s Poorest Children?
March 27, 2013Blog PostA Progressive Proposal to Reach Co-Chairs' Revenue Goal
March 26, 2013Fact SheetNo Correlation: Economic Growth and Tax Rates on the Rich
February 15, 2013TestimonyHB 2134, Standards for Collection of Demographic Data
November 16, 2012Issue BriefDon't Let It Sunset Across Oregon
October 9, 2012CenterPointsMy Sequel to We're Not Broke
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