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Publications by date about: Tax credits, deductions, exemptions

May 21, 2015Blog PostWill the Kicker Make Oregon a Fool Again?
May 20, 2015Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2015 Edition
May 15, 2015Street RootsState housing subsidy overdue for reform in Oregon
May 14, 2015News ReleaseRevenue Forecast Underscores Need to Stop Corporate Tax Gaming
May 7, 2015Blog PostShine the Light on Corporate Tax Avoidance
May 4, 2015Fact SheetThe Mortgage Interest Deduction: Oregon’s Biggest (and Ineffective) Housing Subsidy
April 29, 2015VideoThe Gaming of the Tax System and How to Create Economic Opportunity for all Oregonians
April 13, 2015Blog PostCorporation Tells Truth About Tax Subsidy
April 10, 2015Issue BriefA Pathway, Not a Cliff
March 30, 2015Fact SheetHundreds of Corporations Escape the Minimum Tax
March 14, 2015Blog PostYes, Oregon has very low business taxes and is quite competitive
January 14, 2015News ReleaseOregon Tax System Does Better Job Than Most in Not Worsening Income Inequality
December 19, 2014Blog PostNike Tax Deal and the Killing of Entrepreneurship
July 31, 2014Blog PostThe Income Inequality Oath: First, Do No Harm
July 28, 2014News ReleaseOregonians to Lawmakers: Close the Con-way Tax Loophole
April 11, 2014Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2014 Edition
April 10, 2014Blog PostClose the Con-way Loophole that Allows Corporations to Pay No Taxes
April 7, 2014Blog Post Return-free Filing Is Taxes Done Right
March 19, 2014News ReleaseProfitable Corporations Pay No Oregon Income Taxes
February 26, 2014Blog PostTrucking Along, Avoiding Corporate Income Taxes
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