Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Approved December 8, 2016

The Center has demonstrated a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion both in our policy work and organizationally, such as in our strategic plan adopted in 2014. The time has come, however, to adopt this formal statement.

Consistent with our strategic plan, the Center will advance diversity, equity and inclusion by strengthening and expanding collaborations with culturally specific organizations from across underrepresented communities; by increasing our analysis of racial, gender and geographic disparities; and by creating opportunities to continue to increase the diversity of our staff and board. The Center is committed to building upon its strong ties with advocates from and representing communities of color. We will not only continue to partner with the groups we’ve been working with, but we will explore new opportunities to collaborate with those existing coalitions and their individual member organizations and look to build new relationships with organizations representing marginalized communities.

Organizationally, the Center will continue to pursue opportunities to increase the diversity of our staff and board. As we recruit for new staff, interns and temporary paid research assistants, we will make a concerted effort to disseminate notice of those opportunities within the networks of communities of color. Moreover, the board’s nominations committee will continue to work with leadership projects around the state to identify and recruit from underrepresented communities and people from low-income backgrounds. Additionally, the Center will be working towards fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace environment and board experience, as we value the meaningful tenure of our staff and board members.