Let's Fix Oregon's Housing Giveway

We can ensure homes for more Oregonians with simple reforms to the mortgage interest deduction

In the midst of a statewide affordable housing crisis, Oregon’s biggest housing program will spend over $1 billion subsidizing homeownership mainly for well-off Oregonians. The Oregon mortgage interest deduction (MID) does little to help moderate and low-income homeowners. Instead, it subsidizes homeowners at the higher end of the income ladder, including those with a vacation home.

The Homeownership and Housing Opportunity Bill (HB 2006) proposes common-sense reforms of the MID. HB 2006 redirects excessive housing subsidies to better meet the needs of Oregonians.


Fact sheet on Homeownership and Housing Opportunity Bill (HB 2006).

FAQ on the Oregon mortgage interest deduction, Oregon's biggest housing subsidy.

How your county stacks up in terms of the mortgage interest deduction.

View an infographic describing the mortgage interest deduction reforms.


Show your support for making the mortgage interest deduction more equitable and effective. Individuals and organizations should contact Juan Carlos at jcordonez(at)ocpp.org to learn more.

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