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Renew & Raise resources

Now is the time to lift up modest-income working families in Oregon.

Dozens of organizations, including community, business, faith, and labor groups, are calling on the Oregon Legislature to enact House Bill 3028, which would significantly boost Oregon's Earned Income Tax Credit.


Join the Renew and Raise campaign and endorse HB 3028.

Take action

Tell your lawmakers: renew and raise the Oregon EITC.


See the text of HB 3028-A.

Make the Oregon EITC work better for working families. This one-pager boils down the reasons why the Oregon legislature needs to renew and raise the Oregon EITC.

Boosting Oregon’s EITC Provides a Great Return on Investment. This one-pager outlines the economic benefits of increasing the EITC.

Learn how many tax filers use the EITC and its impact by Oregon House, Senate and counties

Poverty Despite Work Is the Rule, Not the Exception. This fact sheet breaks down the numbers on how many Oregonians live in poverty despite their work efforts.

HB 3028-A Makes Oregon’s EITC More Equitable and Effective. This one-pager explains how Oregon can make its EITC even more effective by extending it to working families presently excluded from the credit.


The EITC is really important for Oregon's future

The EITC helps families through tough times

Working grandparent explains importance of the Oregon Earned Income Tax Credit

The EITC has a big impact on families

The EITC gives families an extra boost