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Publications about corporate minimum tax

March 14, 2018Webinar2018 Oregon legislative session debrief
March 1, 2018Blog postThe "small business" smokescreen
August 8, 2017Radio InterviewTax policy changes you may have missed
July 21, 2017Blog PostA tax credit for BS and six other Oregon tax policy changes you may have missed
February 15, 2017Blog Post13 ways to address Oregon's revenue shortfall
November 14, 2016Blog postThe path forward after Measure 97
November 8, 2016News ReleaseMeasure 97 underscores need for corporate tax transparency
October 28, 2016PodcastMeasure 97 myth and facts
October 27, 2016Blog PostPowell's pays "partners" more than Measure 97 tax
October 26, 2016Blog postThe present and past funding of Oregon's schools
October 24, 2016Blog PostWhat did you say, Costco? There’s a thing called “the Internet?”
October 21, 2016Blog postWhy the misleading $600 figure is just a scare tactic
October 20, 2016Blog postThe disingenuous opposition to Measure 97
October 18, 2016InfographicMeasure 97: impact by industry
October 11, 2016Blog postAnswers to your questions on Measure 97
September 15, 2016Blog postThe Oregon Business Association’s tax flip-flop
September 13, 2016Blog postOregon health coverage numbers bolster case for Measure 97
September 13, 2016News ReleaseCensus data on health coverage shows need for Measure 97
August 17, 2016Blog postWhat the Oregon restaurant and lodging lobby doesn’t want you (and its members) to know about Measure 97
August 10, 2016Blog postThe choice is clear with Measure 97: "Yes" to strengthen schools, "no" to endure budget cuts
July 22, 2016PodcastCorporate taxation in Oregon
June 29, 2016Executive SummaryThe Gaming and Decline of Oregon Corporate Taxes
June 15, 2016Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2016 edition
May 27, 2016PodcastThe chronic underfunding of Oregon public schools
April 29, 2016Portland Radio ProjectPodcast: Should corporate taxes be higher?
February 3, 2016Op-edMuch of corporate tax hike unlikely to hit consumers
December 26, 2015Op-edCorporate tax proposal would strengthen Oregon's economy
July 1, 2015Blog PostWill lawmakers disappoint taxpayers with their corporate minimum tax “fix?”
May 20, 2015Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2015 Edition
May 7, 2015Blog PostShine the Light on Corporate Tax Avoidance
April 29, 2015VideoThe Gaming of the Tax System and How to Create Economic Opportunity for all Oregonians
March 30, 2015Fact SheetHundreds of Corporations Escape the Minimum Tax
September 11, 2014Fact SheetCon-way: The Loophole Allowing Corporations to Avoid Oregon's Minimum Tax
August 20, 2014Blog PostErnst & Young finds Oregon has nation's lowest total effective business tax rate
July 28, 2014News ReleaseOregonians to Lawmakers: Close the Con-way Tax Loophole
April 11, 2014Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2014 Edition
April 10, 2014Blog PostClose the Con-way Loophole that Allows Corporations to Pay No Taxes
March 19, 2014News ReleaseProfitable Corporations Pay No Oregon Income Taxes
February 26, 2014Blog PostTrucking Along, Avoiding Corporate Income Taxes
December 15, 2013Blog PostIntel Deal and Ghost of Tom McCall
December 9, 2013Blog PostOregon Got Nothing from Kitzhaber-Intel Deal
April 12, 2013Fact SheetTax Facts that Matter: 2013 Edition
April 3, 2013The OregonianA Sales Tax is the Wrong Place for Oregon to Start on Reform
March 1, 2013Blog PostNine Banks Not Taxed
October 9, 2012CenterPointsMy Sequel to We're Not Broke
April 12, 2012Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2012 Edition
November 17, 2011Blog Post455 Million Reasons to Say "Thank You" to Voters
April 20, 2011Portland Business JournalTaxation group praises Oregon's 'effective business tax'
April 20, 2011News ReleaseCorporate Study Says Oregon Has the Second Lowest Tax Rate on New Investments
April 23, 2010Portland Business JournalSpreading rumors about business relocation hurts state
April 6, 2010The OregonianStudy lauds low Oregon business taxes, but the tax war continues
January 27, 2010New York TimesVoters in Oregon Approve Tax Increases
January 1, 2010ResourceMeasure 66 and 67 explained
November 23, 2009Blog PostThe Curious Math of Corporate Oregon
November 3, 2009News ReleaseOCPP Charts Simple Explanations of Measures 66 and 67
November 2, 2009FlowchartWhich businesses will pay tax under Measure 67?
October 12, 2009Issue BriefA Step Toward Balance
October 12, 2009CenterPointsOregon Moves Closer to a Tax System Based on Ability to Pay
October 1, 2009CenterPointsMaking Money and Paying the Corporate Minimum Tax
September 25, 2009News ReleaseStatement by OCPP Executive Director Chuck Sheketoff on Likely Ballot Measures: Yes Means Yes, No Means Trouble
August 4, 2009News ReleaseNew Poll Shows Most Oregonians Back Legislature’s Tax Measures
May 1, 2009CenterPointsI Want Climate Change
April 23, 2009Blog PostWhile Your Investments Were Shrinking . . . .You Helped Wal-Mart
February 23, 2009News ReleaseNew Data Show Thousands of Profitable Corporations Pay No Oregon Income Taxes Except the $10 Minimum
August 1, 2008CenterPointsWindow Dressing or Real Reform?
March 25, 2008CenterPointsA Tax System that Matches Oregon Values
March 14, 2007CenterPointsAs Maryland Goes, So Should Oregon
October 28, 2006CenterPointsIt Will Be A Great Day
September 10, 2006CenterPointsBusiness Leaders: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
April 14, 2006ReportThe Great Corporate Tax Shift Undercutting Oregon's Economy and Quality of Life
June 6, 2005CenterPointsTax Breaks and Secret Spending
May 27, 2005ReportCorporate Tax Dodge: The Decline of the Oregon Corporate Income Tax and the Shift to Individual Taxpayers
March 3, 2005CenterPointsMilk Matters?
February 2, 2005News ReleaseNew National Study Confirms Oregon Revenue Problem
February 23, 2004ReportTime to Raise the Corporate Minimum Tax
December 21, 2003ReportA Small Price to Pay
December 21, 2003ReportPreventing Self-Inflicted Wounds
December 21, 2003News ReleaseTwo New Reports Heat Up Debate on Measure 30
September 5, 2003News ReleaseMannix and McIntire Doing PGE/Enron’s Bidding
June 10, 2003News ReleaseDemocrats’ Tax Plan is “Counter-productive and Misguided”
June 1, 2003CenterPointsThe Big Disconnect


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