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Publications about housing

June 29, 2018Blog PostOregonians across the state get a raise July 1st
March 15, 2018News ReleaseRenters stand at the epicenter of Oregon’s housing crisis
March 6, 2018Blog postFamily budget calculator shows child care costs overwhelm households throughout Oregon
March 6, 2018News ReleaseIt takes more than $77,000 for a couple to raise two kids anywhere in Oregon
February 13, 2018Blog postThree lowlights from the Trump budget
December 20, 2017CommentaryWe can stop the tragedy of homeless school children
April 12, 2017Blog PostOregonians need homes, not tax shelters
April 10, 2017Issue BriefFirst-Time Home Buyer Savings Proposal: a Tax Shelter for the Rich That Fails to Promote Home Ownership
March 31, 2017Blog PostWho needs a housing subsidy more?
March 27, 2017TestimonyHB 3298: Statement in Support of MID Tax Credit
March 21, 2017Fact SheetFAQs on the Need to Reform Oregon’s Biggest Housing Subsidy: The Mortgage Interest Deduction
March 10, 2017Blog PostThe rich families’ down-payment assistance program
February 21, 2017ReportMortgage Interest Deduction Dollars Mainly Flow to Urban, Not Rural, Counties
February 21, 2017News ReleaseRural Oregonians get meager share of Oregon’s biggest housing subsidy
August 4, 2015State of Working Oregon SeriesA Dream Deferred
May 15, 2015Street RootsState housing subsidy overdue for reform in Oregon
May 4, 2015Fact SheetThe Mortgage Interest Deduction: Oregon’s Biggest (and Ineffective) Housing Subsidy
June 9, 2014Blog PostBasic Family Budget Calculator (Updated)
July 10, 2013Blog PostBasic Family Budget Calculator
September 8, 2011Statesman JournalOregon experts offer economic advice
September 3, 2011The OregonianIn Oregon, Latino home ownership surges as black homeownership plummets
August 30, 2011Bend BulletinReport calls attention to Oregon's struggling middle class
August 30, 2011ReportThe Fraying of Oregon's Middle Class
August 30, 2011News ReleaseOregon's Middle Class Under Threat
August 8, 2011KPOJNew study shows the rich aren't leaving Oregon because of higher taxes
August 4, 2011Blog PostSorry, Oregon Business Council and ECONorthwest, but the rich stay put despite tax increases
August 4, 2011News ReleaseRich Oregonians Stay Put After Tax Increases
February 25, 2011CenterPointsThe Costly and Ineffective Home Ownership Subsidy
August 24, 2010News ReleaseLimiting Itemized Deductions That Mostly Benefit the Well-Off Would Help Oregon Address Its Revenue Woes, Report Shows
June 6, 2010CenterPointsFinding Money in Oregon's Messiest Room
April 29, 2009News ReleaseCongressional Budget Is Good News for Oregonians
February 27, 2009Fact SheetHow Will the Federal Recovery Package Help Struggling Oregonians and the State's Economy?
February 3, 2009Fact SheetHow Much Does Oregon Stand to Gain From the House Economic Stimulus Package?
December 16, 2008State of Working Oregon SeriesRolling Up Our Sleeves: Building an Oregon that Works for Working Families
November 2, 2008CenterPointsFired Up and Ready to Go End Poverty
February 19, 2008Issue BriefWhere Will the Pain Be?
February 1, 2008Fact SheetSubprime Subprime loans affect families and communities in every corner of Oregon, by legislative district
January 31, 2008News ReleaseOCPP Finds Racial Pattern in Oregon's Subprime Lending
December 7, 2007News ReleaseKicker sends message: “We don’t have the political will”
September 5, 2005ReportExplaining Variations in State Hunger Rates
September 2, 2005News ReleaseLabor Day Report: Most Workers Left Out of Economic Recovery
September 2, 2005ReportLabor Day Report: Losing Ground
September 5, 2004State of Working Oregon SeriesWorkers Toil in Recovery's Shadows this Labor Day: State of Working Oregon
April 13, 2004ReportThe Real Squeeze
April 4, 2004CenterPointsTaxes Tell About Life
March 17, 2004News ReleaseThousands of Low-income Families to Lose Housing Assistance Under Bush Budget Plan
August 14, 2001News ReleaseNew Study Reveals Who's Hungry in Oregon and Why Rural Oregonians, Renters, and Homes with Children are More Likely to be Food Insecure
August 2, 2001ReportHunger in Oregon
July 24, 2001News ReleaseOne in Three Oregon Families with Young Children Can't Afford Basics Like Food, Housing, Health Care
June 1, 2001CenterPointsTaking Responsibility for Low Wages
September 4, 2000State of Working Oregon SeriesProsperity in Perspective
August 14, 2000News Release"Prosperity in Perspective" on Labor Day


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