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Publications about Measure 97 / IP 28

February 15, 2017Blog Post13 ways to address Oregon's revenue shortfall
November 14, 2016Blog postThe path forward after Measure 97
November 8, 2016News ReleaseMeasure 97 underscores need for corporate tax transparency
October 28, 2016PodcastMeasure 97 myth and facts
October 27, 2016Blog PostPowell's pays "partners" more than Measure 97 tax
October 26, 2016Blog postThe present and past funding of Oregon's schools
October 24, 2016Blog PostWhat did you say, Costco? There’s a thing called “the Internet?”
October 21, 2016Blog postWhy the misleading $600 figure is just a scare tactic
October 20, 2016Blog postThe disingenuous opposition to Measure 97
October 18, 2016InfographicMeasure 97: impact by industry
October 11, 2016Blog postAnswers to your questions on Measure 97
September 23, 2016Blog postNo, Gov. Brownback: You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore
September 15, 2016Blog postThe Oregon Business Association’s tax flip-flop
September 13, 2016Blog postOregon health coverage numbers bolster case for Measure 97
September 13, 2016News ReleaseCensus data on health coverage shows need for Measure 97
August 17, 2016Blog postWhat the Oregon restaurant and lodging lobby doesn’t want you (and its members) to know about Measure 97
August 10, 2016Blog postThe choice is clear with Measure 97: "Yes" to strengthen schools, "no" to endure budget cuts
July 22, 2016PodcastCorporate taxation in Oregon
July 7, 2016Blog postFantasy numbers or inconvenient truth?
July 5, 2016InfographicThe Gaming & Decline of Oregon Corporate Taxes
June 29, 2016News ReleaseStudy: Oregon corporate taxes have fallen dramatically over decades
June 29, 2016Executive SummaryThe Gaming and Decline of Oregon Corporate Taxes
June 29, 2016ReportThe Gaming and Decline of Oregon Corporate Taxes
June 15, 2016Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2016 edition
May 27, 2016PodcastThe chronic underfunding of Oregon public schools
April 29, 2016Portland Radio ProjectPodcast: Should corporate taxes be higher?
March 18, 2016StreetRootsMore disgraceful than the lottery: Oregon's corporate income tax
February 3, 2016Op-edMuch of corporate tax hike unlikely to hit consumers
December 26, 2015Op-edCorporate tax proposal would strengthen Oregon's economy


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