Publications about unemployment/underemployment

August 29, 2019State of Working Oregon seriesOregon’s Labor Market Recovers Unevenly
August 31, 2016State of Working OregonOregon’s Labor Market: Still Room for Improvement
August 4, 2015State of Working Oregon SeriesA Dream Deferred
January 8, 2014InfographicOregon's Long-Term Unemployment Problem
December 26, 2013Fact SheetNo Recovery for the Unemployed
August 27, 2013CommentaryThe Fierce Urgency of Full Employment
August 26, 2013Fact SheetA Long Road Ahead for Oregon Workers
November 7, 2011CommentaryWe Need a Do-Something Congress
August 30, 2011News ReleaseOregon's Middle Class Under Threat
October 8, 2010The OregonianWhy won't they say recession?
October 20, 2009News Release"A Wallop of a Message"
September 4, 2009ReportLabor Day Woes and Wishes
August 6, 2009Eugene WeeklyDemystifying Oregon's High Jobless Rank
April 2, 2009CommentaryThe Lesson in My Bank's Failure
November 11, 2008News ReleaseOregon Uninsured Children
June 29, 2006Issue BriefMeasure 48 Quacks Like a TABOR Duck
February 26, 2004Issue BriefJob Recovery Continues to Elude Oregon
February 15, 2004News ReleaseOCPP Welcomes Bush Economic Tour to Oregon
December 12, 2003Issue BriefContinued Misery, Not Recovery
November 21, 2003Issue BriefStill No Job Recovery
April 29, 2002ReportOregon's Shrinking Safety Net
September 1, 2001CommentaryHelping Mothers Raise Good Kids
December 29, 1999CommentaryHunger in Oregon
August 6, 1998News ReleaseThe State of Working Oregon