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Publications by date: Commentary

June 8, 2017Blog PostHow to push back against misleading claims about state spending that seek to derail a revenue-raising package
June 6, 2017BlogLights out at a Brighter Oregon
June 5, 2017Action AlertTell lawmakers: don't harm 11,000 of Oregon's poorest kids
May 24, 2017Blog PostPink slips for teachers, a big tax cut for the wealthy
May 15, 2017Blog PostSmall voices with a big stake in state budget outcome
May 10, 2017BlogA gross receipts tax? Oregon already has one
May 1, 2017Blog PostThis May Day, think of not just flowers, but of how Oregon’s economy can do better for its workers
April 20, 2017Blog PostClearing the smoke on the pot tax
April 14, 2017Blog Post8 key things to know about Oregon corporate taxes
April 12, 2017Blog PostOregonians need homes, not tax shelters
March 31, 2017Blog PostWho needs a housing subsidy more?
March 27, 2017TestimonyHB 3298: Statement in Support of MID Tax Credit
March 24, 2017Blog PostA ready-made solution for protecting Oregon’s homeless children
March 21, 2017Blog PostWhom does Greg Walden represent?
March 10, 2017TestimonyHB 2006: a common-sense reform of Oregon's biggest housing subsidy
March 10, 2017Blog PostThe rich families’ down-payment assistance program
March 8, 2017TestimonySB 398: EITC Eligibility on Pay Stubs
February 22, 2017TestimonyStatement in Support of SB 558: Health Care for All Children
February 15, 2017Blog Post13 ways to address Oregon's revenue shortfall
February 2, 2017Blog PostIt’s Groundhog Day, and Oregon is still stuck with one of the nation’s lowest business tax rates
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