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Publications by date: News Release

January 14, 2015Oregon Tax System Does Better Job Than Most in Not Worsening Income Inequality
December 26, 2014Oregon Minimum Wage Inches Up as Momentum Builds for Bigger Raise
November 10, 2014Basic Health Can Increase Health Coverage and Economic Security for Thousands of Oregon Families
September 18, 2014Oregon Poverty Figures Underscore Need for Legislative Action
September 17, 2014Oregon Minimum Wage Increases, Though Not Enough for Economic Security
September 16, 2014"A Benchmark for the Success of the Affordable Care Act"
July 28, 2014Oregonians to Lawmakers: Close the Con-way Tax Loophole
May 15, 2014Lack of Health Insurance a Bigger Problem for Some Groups of Oregonians
March 19, 2014Profitable Corporations Pay No Oregon Income Taxes
December 26, 2013Oregon 15-Cent Minimum Wage Increase Still Not Enough to Make Ends Meet
September 17, 2013Minimum Wage Increase Is Good for Workers and Economy, Though Not Enough to Pull Some Families Out of Poverty
August 22, 2013Improving Educational Attainment Is Best Way to Strengthen Oregon Economy
July 1, 2013House Tax Credits Bill Rightly Puts Low-Income Working Families First; Senate Should Do Likewise
January 17, 2013Economist Jared Bernstein Comes to Oregon for Two Talks
December 27, 2012New Year Rings in Pay Hike for Oregon Minimum Wage Earners
November 14, 2012Oregon's Richest Pull Away from the Rest, Especially from Those in the Middle
September 20, 2012Oregon Poverty Rises, Worse for Children and Minorities
September 17, 2012OCPP Says About 128,000 Oregon Jobs Will Pay More in 2013
August 2, 2012State Slashes Help for Victims of Wage Theft
July 19, 2012Income Inequality in Oregon Rises Again
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