OCPP’s “Because facts matter” Tagline Wins National Award


OCPP’s “Because facts matter” Tagline Wins National Award


OCPP’s “Because facts matter” Tagline Wins National Award

The Oregon Center for Public Policy’s tagline “Because facts matter” rejects the cynical and oft-repeated claim that the public, voters and policymakers don’t care about the facts. Now that tagline is getting national recognition, as it is among the winners of the 2008 Nonprofit Tagline Award Competition announced today.

“We are delighted to be a winner,” said OCPP executive director Chuck Sheketoff. “Our tagline ‘Because facts matter’ embodies our commitment to be a credible and useful source of information for all Oregonians.”

Download this news release:

OCPP’s “Because facts matter” Tagline Wins National Award (PDF).

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Download the 2008 Nonprofit Tagline Report (PDF), by Nancy E. Schwartz, or the news release 12 Nonprofits Honored for Exceptional Taglines (PDF).

OCPP describes itself as a non-partisan research institute that does in-depth research and analysis on budget, tax and economic issues. Sheketoff said that the Center’s goal is to improve public policy decision making and generate more opportunities for all Oregonians.

The contest was sponsored by Getting Attention, a blog designed to help nonprofit communicators succeed through effective marketing. Nancy Schwartz of Nancy Schwartz & Company is the publisher and editor of Getting Attention. Over 1,000 nonprofits from across the country entered the competition, according to Schwartz. After Schwartz narrowed the list to 62 contestants, she conducted an online poll that received over 3,000 votes and selected the winners in 12 categories. The report on the winners is available at Getting Attention’s website.

According to Schwartz, the winning entries “emphasize how powerfully taglines can work as a first step in branding or as a highly-effective tool to refresh a nonprofit’s messaging, emphasize its commitment to its work and/or revive tired positioning.”

As for “Because facts matter,” Schwartz observed that its “value proposition —the truth — is particularly compelling at a time when facts are frequently disregarded in public debate.”

Schwartz’s announcement also noted that OCPP’s “Because facts matter” tagline “introduces the nature of OCPP’s impact in Oregon and entices the reader or listener to find out more” about the organization.

“Oregonians who want timely, credible and accessible information about tax, budget and economic issues should sign up for OCPP’s email updates at becausefactsmatter.org,” said Sheketoff. “Lawmakers, voters, the media and advocates use our information, because facts do truly matter.”

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