Thank Governor Brown for protecting over $1 billion for schools and public services

Action Alert
April 6, 2018

Governor Brown has protected over $1 billion in funding for schools and essential services over the next few budget periods by ensuring that Senate Bill 1528 becomes law.

The Trump tax scheme created a new tax break for owners of pass-through businesses that threatened a big revenue loss for the state. Because Oregon automatically connects to some parts of the federal tax code, Oregon would replicate a misguided federal tax deduction for owners of pass-through businesses unless lawmakers said “no.”

This tax break, like the Trump tax scheme overall, is heavily skewed in favor of the most-well off. It also threatened to drain over $1 billion from schools and essential services over the next few budget periods.

In February, the Oregon legislature passed Senate Bill 1528, which severed ties with the pass-through business deduction.

Governor Brown has indicated she will sign SB 1528. This action protects funding for Oregon schools and essential services, while rejecting one of the most egregious pieces of the costly and unjust Trump tax scheme.

Join us in sending a note of thanks to Governor Brown for making the right decision on SB 1528 and acting in the interest of all Oregonians.