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April 11, 2014Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2014 Edition
April 7, 2014Blog Post Return-free Filing Is Taxes Done Right
December 3, 2013Blog PostThe Real Problem with the Latest Tax Plan
October 2, 2013InfographicGrand Bargain Business Subsidy Dwarfs Assistance for Working Families
September 25, 2013Blog Post20 pictures that explain why we're in for a grandly flawed tax bargain
September 25, 2013SlideshowSlideshow: Analysis of Tax Provisions in “Grand Bargain”
July 23, 2013CenterPointsWorking But Still Stuck in Poverty
July 1, 2013News ReleaseHouse Tax Credits Bill Rightly Puts Low-Income Working Families First; Senate Should Do Likewise
June 1, 2013Blog PostBizarro World
May 25, 2013Blog PostSmall Businesses and the EITC Part 3: Extend and improve this tax credit
May 24, 2013Blog PostThe World Turns Upside Down for the Tax Credits Committee
May 22, 2013Blog PostSmall Businesses and the EITC Part 2: It's spent in the community
May 21, 2013Blog PostSmall Businesses and the EITC Part 1: Renewing and improving the EITC is the right thing to do
April 9, 2013Blog PostReport: Wyden is positioned to protect low-income working families
March 27, 2013Blog PostA Progressive Proposal to Reach Co-Chairs' Revenue Goal
February 25, 2013CenterPointsPreserve the Credit Workers Have Earned
February 1, 2013Blog PostOregon's Tax System: Poor and Middle Pay More than Rich
January 25, 2013Blog PostHow the EITC Benefits Everyone
January 14, 2013Fact SheetEITC Helps a Quarter Million Working Families in Oregon
November 16, 2012Issue BriefDon't Let It Sunset Across Oregon
November 14, 2012News ReleaseOregon's Richest Pull Away from the Rest, Especially from Those in the Middle
October 3, 2012Blog PostWhen You Think About Oregon's 42%, Think "Worker"
June 21, 2012News ReleaseStudy Shows Extent to Which Congressional GOP Tax Plan, Compared to President's Plan, Favors Wealthy Oregonians
April 16, 2012Blog PostOregon In Shameful Company This Tax Day
April 12, 2012Fact SheetOregon Income Taxes Reach into Poverty
January 27, 2012CenterPointsFamilies Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck Need to Know the EITC Will Be There
November 15, 2011Fact SheetOregon Income Taxes Reach Into Poverty
November 15, 2011News ReleaseWorking Poor Oregonians Pay More in Income Taxes Than Poor in Most Other States
November 8, 2011Blog PostPoverty Is Even More Shocking Than Previously Estimated
October 4, 2011Blog PostMessage to Governor Kitzhaber: The road to excellence in education begins with poverty reduction
October 3, 2011CenterPointsConfront Poverty to Improve Education
September 8, 2011Statesman JournalOregon experts offer economic advice
June 8, 2011The OregonianOregon's Democrats in Salem wave the white flag
June 8, 2011Issue BriefThe EITC's Benefits by District
June 8, 2011Issue BriefThe EITC and Tax Refund Products by District
May 24, 2011CenterPointsWill Lawmakers Prioritize Oregon’s Middle Class?
April 15, 2011Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2011 Edition
March 3, 2011Fact SheetSB 349 Helps Working Families Get Ahead
January 24, 2011Earned Income Tax Credit throughout Oregon
November 4, 2010Beaverton Valley TimesIt's a matter of priorities for Oregon Legislature
October 1, 2010CenterPointsIt's a Matter of Priorities
September 20, 2010Fact SheetEarned Income Tax Credit throughout Oregon
August 25, 2010KAJO (Grants Pass)OCPP's Sheketoff talks tax reform
June 6, 2010CenterPointsFinding Money in Oregon's Messiest Room
April 29, 2010Salem-News.comOregon Still Among Minority of States That Tax Poor Families' Wages
April 29, 2010News ReleaseOregon Still Among Minority of States That Tax Poor Families’ Wages
April 29, 2010Fact SheetWorking Poor and Near-Poor Families in Oregon Are Hit Harder by State Income Taxes Than Those in Most Other States
April 22, 2010News ReleaseStarkly Different Approaches to the Bush Tax Cuts Would Have Very Different Impacts on Oregonians
November 4, 2009News ReleaseOregon Among Few States That Tax Income of Poor Families
September 4, 2009ReportLabor Day Woes and Wishes
September 4, 2009News ReleaseReport Highlights "Woes and Wishes" for Workers This Labor Day
June 11, 2009Issue BriefWill Poor, Working Families Be Roadkill?
May 12, 2009Fact SheetYour Constituents Utilize the EITC
February 27, 2009Fact SheetHow Will the Federal Recovery Package Help Struggling Oregonians and the State's Economy?
February 3, 2009Fact SheetHow Much Does Oregon Stand to Gain From the House Economic Stimulus Package?
February 2, 2009CenterPointsAn Improved Tax Credit, a New Direction for Oregon
December 16, 2008ReportRolling Up Our Sleeves: Building an Oregon that Works for Working Families
November 2, 2008CenterPointsFired Up and Ready to Go End Poverty
August 26, 2008Issue BriefNo Contest: Why expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit is better for working families and Oregon than the Tax Bracket Increase
March 26, 2008Fact SheetExpanding the EIC in 2009
March 25, 2008CenterPointsA Tax System that Matches Oregon Values
April 10, 2007Issue BriefGiving Credit Where Credit is Due: How to pay for the Earned Income Credit
April 4, 2007ReportWorking, Poor, and Taxed: Improving Oregon’s Earned Income Credit
March 28, 2007Issue BriefWho’s Getting Stuck with RALs?
March 27, 2007News ReleaseOregon’s Income Taxes on Working Poor and Near Poor Among Highest in the Nation
April 4, 2006News ReleaseHouse Budget Plan Would Harm Oregon’s Vital Services
February 22, 2006News ReleaseOregon’s Income Tax is Harsh for Low-Wage Workers
January 27, 2006CenterPointsTax Delays, Loan Sharking, and the Working Poor
March 25, 2005Issue BriefWho's Losing Out From RALs?
February 25, 2005ReportInvesting in Working Families: Improving Oregon’s Earned Income Credit
December 11, 2003Issue BriefOregon Latinos More Likely Food Insecure
July 7, 2003Issue BriefAddressing the Regressivity of Sales Taxes
May 15, 2002ReportThe Worst of All Possible Worlds
February 26, 2002News ReleaseOregon Taxes Workers Earning Low Wages More Than Most States
February 1, 2002News ReleaseGET MONEY BACK
January 25, 2002News ReleaseTax Returns with a Silver Lining?
March 1, 2001News ReleaseOregon Taxes Low-Income Workers More Than Most States
April 20, 1999ReportTax Credits and Maintenance-of-Effort
March 30, 1999Report Fixing Oregon's Low Income Tax Credits: Should They be Made Refundable?
December 11, 1998ReportWhy Make the Oregon Working Family and Earned Income Credits Refundable?
April 13, 1998News ReleaseOregon Reduces Taxes on Poor With 1997 Earned Income Credit But Still Taxes Poor More Than Most States
December 16, 1997News ReleaseIncome Inequality Grows in Oregon


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