Action Plan for the People

How to Build Economic Justice in Oregon

All Oregonians deserve to live in dignity. Everyone who calls Oregon home — Black, brown, and white; rural and urban; immigrant and Indigenous; people of any gender identity or ability — should enjoy economic security and the ability to flourish.

Yet, economic injustice is widespread. More than half of jobs pay too little to adequately support a family, leaving many Oregonians struggling to afford their next meal, stable housing, and quality childcare. 

A better future is possible; we are not locked into this inequitable reality. History shows that, by working together across differences, we can overcome injustice.

To build something as important as economic justice, we need a plan. This Action Plan sets forth key policy reforms to increase Oregonians’ economic security, boost worker power, and advance tax justice that, when enacted, will lead to a more equitable and prosperous state. We invite every Oregonian to engage with us in advancing the transformational goals of this Action Plan.

Enacting the policies outlined in this Action Plan would provide a robust foundation for economic justice, but they are still not enough to fully realize that vision. There are policy areas that are also vital for improving the lives of Oregonians that also demand concerted action: housing justice, environmental justice, criminal justice reform, policies like reparations and land back that directly remedy past injustices, and more. While no one document can fully encompass the policies needed to ensure that all Oregonians can live in dignity, the policies set out in this plan are essential.

It will take all Oregonians coming together to make transformative change happen. For the well-being of this and future generations of Oregonians, now is the time to realize this vision of economic justice. 

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