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Publications about public safety

June 15, 2013The OregonianDo 'illegal aliens' cost Oregon $1 billion a year?
May 12, 2011Blog PostState Economic Report Undercuts Loophole Lobby’s Call for Special, Speculator Tax Cut
April 20, 2011News ReleaseCorporate Study Says Oregon Has the Second Lowest Tax Rate on New Investments
March 25, 2011News ReleaseOregon Per Capita Personal Income Continues to Rise
March 18, 2011Blog PostThe $134 million tax cut for Oregon’s wealthy that you probably haven’t heard of
January 25, 2011CenterPointsRespect Oregonians' Historic "Yes" Vote
October 8, 2010The OregonianWhy won't they say recession?
August 26, 2010News ReleaseProfitable Corporations Don't Need Oregon's Charity, So Stop the Kicker Spending
July 12, 2010Fact SheetThe Swing of the Budget Ax
June 6, 2010CenterPointsFinding Money in Oregon's Messiest Room
April 14, 2010ReportTax Day Reality Check
April 14, 2010News ReleaseOregon Taxes and Spending Have Remained in Line With Oregonians’ Pocketbooks for Three Decades
January 26, 2010News ReleaseOregonians Say “Yes” to an “Economy That Works for Everyone”
August 4, 2009News ReleaseNew Poll Shows Most Oregonians Back Legislature’s Tax Measures
June 9, 2009Fact SheetRaise Revenue or Deepen the Pain
April 29, 2009News ReleaseCongressional Budget Is Good News for Oregonians
February 27, 2009Fact SheetHow Will the Federal Recovery Package Help Struggling Oregonians and the State's Economy?
February 13, 2009News ReleaseEconomic Recovery Package Offers Fiscal Help to Oregon
February 3, 2009Fact SheetHow Much Does Oregon Stand to Gain From the House Economic Stimulus Package?
December 16, 2008ReportRolling Up Our Sleeves: Building an Oregon that Works for Working Families
October 26, 2007Issue BriefThe 2007 Kicker: Wrongheaded, Unjust, Costly, and a Federal Tax Increase
February 21, 2007News ReleaseNew Analysis Finds Oregon Hit Hard by Cuts in President’s Budget for 2008
March 4, 2005News ReleaseFederal Aid Cuts Would Upset State Budget Agreement
March 5, 2001Op-edThe Kicker: "Permission Granted"


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