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One in Eight Oregonians Needs Congress to Halt the Erosion in Food Stamps

Issue Brief
July 26, 2007 Download PDF

The purchasing power of food stamps has declined because Congress has not updated the value of food stamp benefits to keep up with the rising cost of food. The U.S. House of Representatives will soon decide whether to put a stop to this erosion of food stamp benefits when they vote on the 2007 Farm Bill.

The erosion in food stamps is happening for a number of reasons:

Congress's decision on whether to halt the erosion of food stamp benefits will directly affect the grocery carts of over 440,000 Oregonians - one in every eight Oregonians. Oregonians in the state's most rural congressional districts - the districts of U.S. Representatives Greg Walden and Peter DeFazio - have the most at stake. Over 100,000 Oregonians in each of these districts rely on food stamps to feed their families (Table 1 see PDF).

Hungry families needing assistance will be worse off tomorrow than they are today if Congress fails to stop the erosion in food stamps in the 2007 Farm Bill.