An Economy for the Few

August 31, 2007 Download PDF

Oregon workers are more productive, but households with incomes over $360,000 are getting nearly half the income gains

By Michael Leachman and Joy Margheim

Executive Summary

(Revised May 1, 2008)

This Labor Day Oregon’s workers are producing goods and services more efficiently than when the economic expansion began four years ago, but few workers have seen much income benefit as a result.

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Thoughtful public policies can protect the state from the negative consequences of an economy that works for the few at the expense of the many.

The 2007 legislature took some important steps to invest in protecting and promoting opportunities for all Oregonians. Legislators referred a measure to voters that would provide health coverage to all children, increased funding for Head Start pre-kindergarten education for poor children, expanded college financial assistance, regulated loan sharking, and gave workers the right to form a union if a majority of workers sign union cards or petitions. These efforts were a good start, but more aggressive policies are necessary to produce an economy that works for us all.