Senate rewards greed and wreaks havoc with tax vote

News Release
December 1, 2017

Statement of OCPP executive director Chuck Sheketoff

The U.S. Senate just took a reckless and fiscally irresponsible action by narrowly approving a tax bill that rewards greed and likely undermines the well-being of most Oregonians. Oregonians who are poor, seniors, have disabilities, belong to communities of color, and other vulnerable populations stand to suffer the most.

The GOP tax bills — both the Senate and House versions — are costly giveaways to the wealthiest households and corporations, at the expense of most Americans. The Senate tax plan would raise taxes for tens of millions of middle-class families, harm the lowest income families, end health care for 13 million Americans, and explode the deficit. It almost certainly would force cuts to vital public structures — everything from nutrition assistance for families to education, Medicare, Medicaid, and infrastructure.

Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden did the right thing by voting “no.” The Oregon Center for Public Policy hopes they will continue to fight against the fiscally irresponsible policies of President Trump and the Republican leadership.

Today’s Senate vote is shameful, putting the narrow interests of corporations and the privileged few above the interest of the nation. While any conference bill that merely reconciles differences between the Senate and House versions won’t fix a fundamentally flawed tax scheme, despite the difficult political scenario in which we find ourselves, we continue to hope common sense and the national interest will ultimately prevail.