A tax travesty

News Release
December 20, 2017

Statement of OCPP policy analyst Daniel Hauser

Today’s tax vote in Congress makes one thing absolutely clear: a majority in Congress place the interests of corporations and the rich ahead of ordinary folks and the nation.

The travesty that is the GOP tax plan is well-documented. It showers corporations and the rich with tax cuts while offering working families small benefits. Nearly one in ten Oregonians will see a tax increase. The highest-earning 1 percent of Oregonians can expect an average tax cut of over $33,000 in 2019, while the lowest-earning 60 percent of Oregonians will average a $430 tax cut.

And by ballooning the deficit, the tax bill sets the stage for big cuts to services that nurture the middle class and protect the most vulnerable. Those risks are real. Congressional leaders have stated their intent to cut critical services as part of their to-do list.

It seems a foregone conclusion that this tax package will become law, after it lands on President Trump’s desk for signature. Now, it is up to the American people — Oregonians included — to hold their elected leaders accountable.

We thank Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. Jeff Merkley, Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (1st District), Rep. Earl Blumenauer (3rd district), Rep. Peter DeFazio (4th district), and Rep. Kurt Schrader (5th district) for voting against the tax bill.

We call on Rep. Greg Walden (2nd District) to explain to Oregonians why he chose to put the interest of corporations and the rich ahead of the vast majority of his constituents, our state, and our nation.