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Tell the Governor: stand with teachers, students, and working families

Action Alert
March 7, 2018

A very important bill awaits Governor Kate Brown’s signature. For the good of Oregon’s teachers, students, and working families, she needs to sign it.

Senate Bill 1528 preserves over $1 billion in revenue over the next five years for Oregon to invest in our schools and essential services — rather than handing that money over to well-off business owners in the form of yet another tax break.

Senate Bill 1528 says “no” to a costly and unjust part of the Trump tax plan, a new tax deduction for what’s called “pass-through” income. This kind of income mainly flows to those at the top.

Rich pass-through business owners already enjoy a special Oregon tax break and will still get the deduction on their federal taxes. Senate Bill 1528 stops them from getting yet another state tax benefit.

Income inequality is at historic levels. Senate Bill 1528 is a concrete way for Oregon to say “enough is enough! The rich don’t need more tax giveaways.”

True small businesses — mom and pop shops — are better off when kids have good schools and their customers are more economically secure with affordable housing and health care. The state tax break that would result here is by-and-large for rich business owners.

Tell the Governor: stand with teachers, students, and working families. Reject the Trump tax plan by signing Senate Bill 1528.