Our legislative agenda for 2021

November 19, 2020By Staff

All Oregonians deserve to live in dignity — to enjoy economic security and the possibility to thrive. This is doable. Oregon, after all, is a prosperous state in one of history’s richest countries.

But as the coronavirus pandemic has made clear, many Oregonians struggle to make ends meet. At a time when the income of the richest Oregonians is at a record high, many Oregonians can’t afford food, rent, childcare, or college tuition. Such insecurity is especially common among Black, Indigenous, Latino, and other Oregonians of color — the result of past and present-day policies that have excluded them from sharing in the prosperity created by the economy.

These realities that ground Toward Prosperity for All: OCPP’s 2021 legislative agenda. Our agenda has two broad themes: policies that shore up low-income workers, and policies that raise revenue progressively, so that Oregon has more resources to help Oregonians meet basic needs.

We invite you to check out our 2021 policy agenda.