A new look for a new way of doing things

March 4, 2022By Staff

For more than two decades, the Oregon Center for Public Policy has fought for and won policies that reduce economic inequities and increase opportunities for low-income communities. From strengthening the state’s minimum wage, to raising taxes on the rich, to putting cash in the pockets of low-income workers, OCPP has improved the lives of Oregonians.

As we move forward, we are aiming even higher: We seek to bring about an equitable system rooted in dignity and economic prosperity for every Oregonian. Getting there requires that we focus our work on those policies that will have the greatest impact on people’s lives — on structural change. This demands an inclusive approach to our public policy work, listening first to the needs and interests of people facing the greatest challenges, to the priorities of communities most impacted by structural inequality, oppression, and exclusion. It requires analysis that focuses on anti-racist outcomes and lifts up the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and other Oregonians of color. It means putting people at the center of our work.

With our evolution as an organization, our old look no longer reflected who we are. We are an economic-justice driven organization taking bold action to create a better future. We are a part of a vibrant community of Oregonians fighting to ensure that everyone can live in dignity and have an opportunity to thrive.

Now, as part of that evolution, we are excited to introduce our new logo – a bold and modern look to highlight our work as a trustworthy source of analysis on the policies that will move us forward.

Our commitment to accurate, reliable, and timely research and analysis remains unchanged. Especially in the current political environment, facts matter more than ever. However, facts and data points are only given meaning by the stories of the people they represent. Our emphasis on people breathes life into cold facts and figures.

Our new tagline, Policy for the People, retains our focus on policy, while better expressing our reason for being and approach to our work. Policy for the People recognizes that

Also — we hope you agree — Policy for the People just has a nice ring to it.

Thank you for your continued support, collaboration, and shared vision of an Oregon with economic justice for all. Thank you for powering Policy for the People.