The Oregon Kids’ Credit

The Oregon Kids’ Credit

The Oregon Kids’ Credit

Important update: Oregon Kids’ Credit is now available

Eligible families can begin claiming the Oregon Kids’ Credit this tax filing season. The Oregon Department of Revenue has information available on who is eligible and how to claim it.

If you need free assistance filing a tax return, please contact 211 Info by dialing 2-1-1. You can also text your zip code to 898211 (TXT211) or email

What is the Oregon Kids’ Credit?

All Oregon children deserve to grow up economically secure, and enjoy a real opportunity to thrive. The Oregon Kids’ Credit (HB 3235) – passed overwhelmingly by lawmakers – will help make this a reality by ensuring the families in greatest need have some much needed additional resources to afford the rising costs of raising children.

The Oregon Kids’ Credit will deliver cash to families struggling to afford rent, food, and other basic needs. As the successful federal Child Tax Credit demonstrates, giving families money through the tax code is an effective way to address economic insecurity.

  • An annual refundable tax credit of $1,000 per eligible child aged 0-5 to help Oregon families struggling with the rising costs of raising kids.
  • All Oregon families who meet the income requirements and file taxes are eligible.
  • The credit begins phasing out at $25,000 in adjusted gross income and ends entirely at $30,000 for eligible filers. The credit and income thresholds are indexed to inflation.
  • Oregon will work to deliver the credit in advance quarterly payments in the future.
  • The credit will go into effect for tax year 2023.

Child tax credits work

In 2021, Congress temporarily expanded the federal Child Tax Credit, ensuring families with children got the cash they needed to afford the rising costs of raising kids. That expansion resulted in child poverty being cut nearly in half in 2021. The federal expansion made it clear just how impactful cash is to help families meet their basic needs.

Oregon Kids’ Credit will advance equity

The Oregon Kids’ Credit is an effective and efficient way to deliver resources to the families in greatest need. The Oregon Kids’ Credit will address racial disparities, disproportionately benefiting Black, Indigenous, and Latino children in particular. Children in every Oregon county will benefit, disproportionately those in rural communities.

Take action!

Share your story. Stories have the power to change hearts and minds, and are a powerful tool in advocating for good public policy. Tell us how you would use $1,000.

Learn more

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See what the Oregon Kids’ Credit will mean for your Oregon House District and Oregon Senate District

If you have questions about the Oregon Kids’ Credit and this campaign, please contact Tyler Mac Innis,

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