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Publications about corporate profits

June 6, 2018CommentaryOregon is now more exposed to corporate tax avoidance
June 5, 2018News ReleaseLegislature leaves Oregon largely defenseless against corporate abuse of tax havens
March 1, 2018Blog postThe "small business" smokescreen
January 30, 2018Issue BriefRepeal of “Throwback Rule” Would Open Corporate Tax Loophole
May 10, 2017BlogA gross receipts tax? Oregon already has one
April 27, 2017News ReleaseState corporate income taxes continue to shrink
April 14, 2017Blog Post8 key things to know about Oregon corporate taxes
October 11, 2016Blog postAnswers to your questions on Measure 97
July 5, 2016InfographicThe Gaming & Decline of Oregon Corporate Taxes
June 29, 2016News ReleaseStudy: Oregon corporate taxes have fallen dramatically over decades
June 29, 2016Executive SummaryThe Gaming and Decline of Oregon Corporate Taxes
June 29, 2016ReportThe Gaming and Decline of Oregon Corporate Taxes
December 26, 2015Op-edCorporate tax proposal would strengthen Oregon's economy
July 28, 2014News ReleaseOregonians to Lawmakers: Close the Con-way Tax Loophole
April 11, 2014Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2014 Edition
April 10, 2014Blog PostClose the Con-way Loophole that Allows Corporations to Pay No Taxes
March 19, 2014News ReleaseProfitable Corporations Pay No Oregon Income Taxes
February 26, 2014Blog PostTrucking Along, Avoiding Corporate Income Taxes
December 9, 2013Blog PostOregon Got Nothing from Kitzhaber-Intel Deal
December 17, 2012Statesman JournalNike request sparks debate on best way to boost jobs
December 14, 2012Wall Street JournalNike presses for 40-year tax deal in Oregon
December 12, 2012Portland MercuryNothin' but Net Profits
December 12, 2012Blog PostThe $35 million increase in tax loophole spending not tied to a single job
December 11, 2012Blog PostA Highly Dubious Assumption in the Governor's Proposed Nike Deal
December 10, 2012Associated PressOregon lawmakers to vote on Nike expansion plan
October 9, 2012Blog Post$96,000 a Day and the Great Disconnect
April 12, 2012Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2012 Edition
December 8, 2011Portland Business JournalIntel, OCPP differ over tax report
December 7, 2011NPRReport Shows Many Profitable Companies Pay No State Income Taxes
May 24, 2011CenterPointsWill Lawmakers Prioritize Oregon’s Middle Class?
September 3, 2010ReportGloomy Days, But a Ray of Hope, for Oregon Workers
September 3, 2010News ReleaseUnionized Workforce is a "Ray of Hope" Amid Economic Gloom
August 26, 2010News ReleaseProfitable Corporations Don't Need Oregon's Charity, So Stop the Kicker Spending
August 25, 2010KAJO (Grants Pass)OCPP's Sheketoff talks tax reform
November 2, 2009FlowchartWhich businesses will pay tax under Measure 67?
October 1, 2009CenterPointsMaking Money and Paying the Corporate Minimum Tax
February 23, 2009News ReleaseNew Data Show Thousands of Profitable Corporations Pay No Oregon Income Taxes Except the $10 Minimum
December 16, 2008State of Working Oregon SeriesRolling Up Our Sleeves: Building an Oregon that Works for Working Families
November 19, 2008News ReleaseGovernor and Legislature Should Solve Revenue Shortfalls With Revenue Solutions Oregon December Revenue Forecast
August 1, 2008CenterPointsWindow Dressing or Real Reform?
January 8, 2008Issue BriefHow Big an Umbrella Does Oregon Need? Reserves of at Least 15 Percent Were Needed in Two of the Last Three Recessions
August 31, 2007News ReleaseFew Oregon Workers Can Celebrate Economy This Labor Day
August 31, 2007ReportAn Economy for the Few
June 5, 2007Issue BriefDoing well for themselves, not Oregonians: Corporate profits are high in Oregon, but not corporate income taxes
January 30, 2007CenterPoints"Single-Sales" - A Modern Robber Baron
April 14, 2006ReportThe Great Corporate Tax Shift Undercutting Oregon's Economy and Quality of Life
May 27, 2005ReportCorporate Tax Dodge: The Decline of the Oregon Corporate Income Tax and the Shift to Individual Taxpayers
May 10, 2005News ReleaseNational Big Business Group (COST) Says Oregon’s Biz Taxes Among Lowest in Nation
February 2, 2005News ReleaseNew National Study Confirms Oregon Revenue Problem


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