Publications about oregon health plan

March 17, 2021TestimonyHB 3352: Cover all people
February 13, 2018Blog postThree lowlights from the Trump budget
January 23, 2018News ReleaseA victory for 1 million Oregonians
March 15, 2016State of Working of Oregon SeriesGaps Persist Despite Gains in Health Insurance Coverage
December 21, 2015Fact SheetA Framework for Basic Health in Oregon
April 10, 2015Issue BriefA Pathway, Not a Cliff
October 24, 2014Blog PostHealth Care for ALL Children
October 22, 2014ReportHealth Care for All Children
September 18, 2014Portland Business JournalWhy Oregon’s uninsured rate plummeted this year
May 15, 2014State of Working Oregon SeriesGains and Gaps in Oregon Health Coverage
January 27, 2014Fact SheetUninsured Despite the Mandate
June 11, 2013TestimonyBasic Health's Advantages
April 30, 2012Fact SheetUpdated ABCs of CCOs
March 11, 2012Statesman JournalDefining "Poverty" Matters
December 9, 2011Fact SheetThe ABCs of CCOs
July 20, 2011Issue BriefStrides Against Economic Headwinds
July 12, 2010Fact SheetThe Swing of the Budget Ax
November 2, 2008CommentaryFired Up and Ready to Go End Poverty
July 9, 2008CommentaryData and Common Sense Be Damned
September 29, 2000News ReleaseCensus Finds Oregon Health Plan Ill
September 4, 2000State of Working Oregon SeriesProsperity in Perspective