The 2001 Kicker, an update

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June 5, 2001

"In Oregon, where the women are strong and the men are good looking, the typical taxpayer is about half-average."

While the average kicker under SB 963-A (the bill that passed the Senate today that will take the federal Medicaid Upper-payment Limit funds out of the kicker calculation) will be $142, the typical taxpayer -- the median taxpayer -- will receive approximately only about $75 . See the attached distributional analysis, which also shows what the average and typical kicker would be if SB 963-A is not enacted.

The OCPP's figures are higher than those published by the Department of Administrative Services' Office of Economic Analysis. The OCPP uses 1998 tax data and projects 2001 tax data using the method used by the Legislative Revenue Office; DAS-OEA uses the 1998 tax data and does not attempt to update it to a more current year.

Reporting the average kicker does not well represent what the typical Oregonian will receive. The approximate median more accurately reflects what the typical taxpayer will receive. It is impossible to calculate exactly the median without access to data from all returns, but the average of the middle income group approximates the median.

Additional information about the kicker under SB 963-A:

2001 Estimated Kicker by Income Group

--- Approximate Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of Group Estimated Average 2001 Kicker for Income Group (status quo)* Estimated Average 2001 Kicker for Income Group (removing MUL funds SB 963-A)* Percent of Total Kicker to Income Group
Lowest Quintile Below $8,000 $7 $5 0.6%
Second Quintile Between $8,000 and $18,000 $39 $27 3.6%
Middle Quintile Between $18,000 and $32,000 $106** $75** 9.8%
Fourth Quintile Between $32,000 and $55,000 $213 $150 19.7%
Top Quintile Above $55,000 $719 $504 66.3%
Top Ten Percent Above $70,000 $1080 $758 49.8%
Top One Percent Above $200,000 $4,433 $3,110 20.4%
*The average kicker for all returns is $217. Exluduing the MUL funds, the average kicker is $142.
**The average of the middle quintile approximates the median, which is the kicker that the typical taxpayer will receive.
Source: OCPP analysis of May 2001 Revenue Forecast and 1998 ODR Personal Income Tax Statistics.


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