(Podcast) Subsidies for semiconductors: the risk to Oregonians

February 9, 2023

One of the big topics of discussion in Salem right now is whether to provide new subsidies for semiconductor companies like Intel. This push for new subsidies stems from the congressional enactment of the CHIPS Act, by which the federal government has pledged tens of billions of dollars to ramp up semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S. Understandably, Oregon lawmakers are eager to see some of that money flow to Oregon.

But are corporate subsidies worth the cost? Do business incentives actually accomplish what state and local governments hope to achieve? And what should Oregon lawmakers do in response to the semiconductor industry’s current call for new state subsidies?

In this episode of Policy for the People, we explore these questions with two guests: Greg LeRoy, executive director at Good Jobs First, and John Calhoun, a volunteer with Tax Fairness Oregon.

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