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Policy for the People

Welcome to Policy for the People, a show that explores the public policies that can lift up all Oregonians. This show is a collaboration between KMUZ radio and the Oregon Center for Public Policy. Follow us on:

Episode 11, October 8, 2021: Why we need Build Back Better

Episode 10, September 10, 2021: Poor quality jobs abound

Episode 9, August 13, 2021: Income inequality remains the defining challenge of our times

Episode 8, July 9, 2021: Undocumented workers: essential yet excluded

Episode 7, June 11, 2021: The latest revenue forecast says the "kicker" is coming

Episode 6, May 14, 2021: Rental assistance is key to stabilizing families

Episode 5, April 9, 2021: The American Rescue Plan Act potentially signals a shift to an economy of shared prosperity

Episode 4, March 12, 2021: Tax policy through a racial equity lens

Episode 3, February 12, 2021: Wage theft is widespread and pervasive

Episode 2, January 29, 2021 Tax secrecy enables corporate tax avoidance to go unchallenged.

Episode 1, December 11, 2020: The first nine months of the pandemic have witnessed an acceleration of economic trends that existed prior to the COVID emergency: economic insecurity and economic inequality.