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Audrey Mechling

Audre Mechling is the Oregon Center for Public Policy's Digital Communications and Outreach Strategist

How you can honor Dr. King’s legacy

The legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one defined by a demand for justice and a call to serve. He saw the structural changes needed in our society, and called on all of us to do more than simple charity, to act in service of our neighbors and communities.

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Young girl looking mournfully out of a window.

A Portrait of Poverty in Oregon

Before the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread to Oregon, poverty afflicted all corners of the state. More than one in 10 Oregonians lived below the federal poverty line before the coronavirus economic crisis.

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Congress must act now to extend enhanced unemployment benefits

One of the main engines that has kept the economy moving — that has prevented greater suffering during the coronavirus crisis — is about to be taken out of commission. Unless Congress takes action, unemployed Oregonians will stop receiving additional $600 weekly Unemployment Insurance (UI) checks.

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