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Daniel Hauser

Daniel Hauser is the Deputy Director of the Oregon Center for Public Policy

Trump administration’s latest proposal could throw Oregonians onto the street

At a time when there is a dire need for federal leadership in confronting a national housing crisis, the Trump administration is heading down a path that will likely exacerbate the problem for many low-income Oregonians. Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed changing the rules governing who qualifies for federal rent assistance.

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Reform the kicker so that it serves the interest of all

Ten years ago, Oregon lawmakers were scrambling to fill a massive budget shortfall. The Great Recession had choked our economy, and Oregon’s revenue collections had slowed to a trickle. Teacher layoffs loomed. So too did cuts to services for seniors, foster children, and services that benefit all Oregonians.

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The Kicker Fails Oregonians

The national oddity that is Oregon’s “kicker” law is on its way to hand huge bonuses to the richest Oregonians while compromising the stability of state revenues.

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Lighting up the cannabis tax facts

“Where is all that money from cannabis taxes going?” It’s a question we hear often. And it’s a fair one, given the proliferation of pot dispensaries since recreational use became legal.

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