Publications about income inequality

November 7, 2023Fact SheetOregon’s Rich Have Never Been Richer
November 3, 2022Issue BriefWealth Inequality in Oregon Is Extreme
August 12, 2021State of Working OregonIncome Inequality in Oregon Remains Near Record
February 13, 2020TestimonySB 1560: Defend Oregon's Estate Tax
November 22, 2019The State of Working OregonIncome of Oregon’s Ultra-Rich Sets New Record
August 16, 2019CommentaryUnions will re-build the middle class
April 15, 2019CommentaryTax day is a day to fight poverty
May 1, 2018State of Working Oregon SeriesStronger Unions Would Reduce Income Inequality
December 26, 2017Blog postOCPP's top 5 stories of 2017
October 4, 2017State of Working Oregon SeriesHighest Earning Oregonians Pull Away
June 9, 2016State of Working Oregon SeriesOutsized Gains at the Top Worsen Oregon Income Inequality
December 21, 2015Blog PostOur Top 5 Publications of 2015
September 2, 2015State of Working Oregon SeriesUnions Are Key to Reducing Inequality
September 1, 2015State of Working Oregon SeriesOregon Income Inequality: More Than Three Decades in the Making
August 4, 2015State of Working Oregon SeriesA Dream Deferred
January 12, 2015State of Working Oregon SeriesOregon Economy Continues to Be Top Performer
April 30, 2014State of Working Oregon SeriesEconomic Gains Flow to the Top as Oregon Income Inequality Soars
April 30, 2014State of Working Oregon SeriesIf Economic Growth Assured Well-Being Oregonians Would be Thriving
February 27, 2014Fact SheetLopsided Income Growth in Oregon
September 25, 2013Issue BriefA Grandly Flawed Bargain
August 30, 2013Blog PostWhat should you be making?
June 22, 2013Blog Post"" Fun
February 21, 2013Blog PostThank you, U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn
August 31, 2012Fact SheetThe Long Suffering Middle and Bottom
March 31, 2012Blog PostNews: Oregonians Have More Income
September 1, 2011Blog PostIf CEOs cared about the economy . . .
August 30, 2011News ReleaseOregon's Middle Class Under Threat
May 27, 2011Blog PostWe're Not Broke
September 4, 2009ReportLabor Day Woes and Wishes
August 18, 2008ReportNo Gain, Just Pain
June 23, 2008CommentaryThe New Deal Still a Good Deal
November 19, 2007CommentaryTax Cutting Away the Middle Class
August 31, 2007ReportAn Economy for the Few
December 18, 2006CommentaryReduce Inequality to Expand Opportunity
September 2, 2006News ReleaseWho's Getting Ahead This Labor Day?
October 26, 2005CommentaryThe Market Myth
September 2, 2005ReportLabor Day Report: Losing Ground
April 4, 2005CommentaryEconomic Growth for Whom?
June 2, 2004CommentaryThe Coming Shakedown
April 13, 2004ReportThe Real Squeeze
July 1, 2003ReportOn Whose Backs?
November 6, 2002State of Working Oregon SeriesBoom, Bust, & Beyond
August 28, 2001ReportWhat Color is Your Paycheck?
August 2, 2001ReportHunger in Oregon
June 5, 2001News ReleaseThe 2001 Kicker, an update
September 4, 2000State of Working Oregon SeriesProsperity in Perspective
January 18, 2000News ReleaseIncome Inequality Grows In Oregon
September 4, 1999News ReleaseWhen Prosperity Passes By
August 6, 1998News ReleaseThe State of Working Oregon
December 16, 1997News ReleaseIncome Inequality Grows in Oregon