Publications about personal income tax

February 4, 2021TestimonySB 137: Disconnect from the CARES Act
November 19, 2020CommentaryOur legislative agenda for 2021
May 30, 2019Issue BriefThe Kicker Fails Oregonians
January 22, 2019TestimonySB 194: End tax subsidy for gambling
December 20, 2017News ReleaseA tax travesty
October 7, 2014Blog PostMove for $40?
April 11, 2014Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2014 Edition
October 30, 2013Blog PostGrand Bargain Tax Games Begin
September 25, 2013Issue BriefA Grandly Flawed Bargain
June 1, 2013Blog PostBizarro World
April 12, 2013Fact SheetTax Facts that Matter: 2013 Edition
February 25, 2013CommentaryPreserve the Credit Workers Have Earned
November 16, 2012Issue BriefDon't Let It Sunset Across Oregon
October 5, 2012Blog PostTax Déjà vu All Over Again
May 31, 2012Willamette WeekA Smack in the Kicker
April 16, 2012CommentaryThe Forgotten Tax Day Story
April 12, 2012Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2012 Edition
January 25, 2012Issue BriefUndocumented Workers Are Taxpayers, Too
January 2, 2012Central Oregonian (Prineville)Living in poverty? Oregon is still going to tax you
November 20, 2011Register GuardEditorial: How the Poor Pay Taxes
November 15, 2011Fact SheetOregon Income Taxes Reach Into Poverty
October 8, 2011The Statesman JournalMeasures 66, 67 averted deeper cuts in state
September 20, 2011Blog PostThe Tea Party Zone
April 25, 2011Statesman JournalOregon Tax Credits Face Day of Reckoning
April 15, 2011Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2011 Edition
January 26, 2011The OregonianRespect Oregonians' historic "yes" vote
January 25, 2011CommentaryRespect Oregonians' Historic "Yes" Vote
January 12, 2011Forest Grove News-TimesA tax cut that bleeds revenue and risks jobs
January 7, 2011Citizens For Tax Justice BlogMore on the Journal's Bogus Migration Story
November 4, 2010Beaverton Valley TimesIt's a matter of priorities for Oregon Legislature
September 20, 2010Fact SheetEarned Income Tax Credit throughout Oregon
April 14, 2010ReportTax Day Reality Check
January 28, 2010The NationTrue Populism
January 27, 2010New York TimesVoters in Oregon Approve Tax Increases
January 1, 2010ResourceMeasure 66 and 67 explained
November 2, 2009CommentaryThe Case for Progressive Taxation
October 12, 2009Issue BriefA Step Toward Balance
September 2, 2009CommentaryHealth Care Reform and the Value of Work
June 9, 2009Fact SheetRaise Revenue or Deepen the Pain
September 1, 2008CommentaryA $75,000 Bargain for Oregon Taxpayers
August 18, 2008ReportNo Gain, Just Pain
March 26, 2008Fact SheetExpanding the EIC in 2009
November 19, 2007CommentaryTax Cutting Away the Middle Class
March 28, 2007Issue BriefWho’s Getting Stuck with RALs?
April 30, 2006CommentaryCorporate Accountability Reporting
April 5, 2006Issue BriefOregon Stuck in Doonesbury
March 25, 2005Issue BriefWho's Losing Out From RALs?
June 2, 2004CommentaryThe Coming Shakedown
April 13, 2004ReportThe Real Squeeze
December 21, 2003ReportA Small Price to Pay
July 1, 2003ReportOn Whose Backs?
June 20, 2003ReportFinding the Money
February 1, 2002News ReleaseGET MONEY BACK
January 25, 2002News ReleaseTax Returns with a Silver Lining?
December 4, 2001Op-edKicker Dreams
June 5, 2001News ReleaseThe 2001 Kicker, an update
April 15, 2001ReportClearing the Air on Tax Day
September 4, 2000State of Working Oregon SeriesProsperity in Perspective
May 29, 1999ReportHelping the Top