The Great Corporate Tax Shift Undercutting Oregon's Economy and Quality of Life


This tax day, ordinary Oregonians are paying more than their share of taxes because corporations are paying less.

Over the last generation, Oregon has shifted income taxes away from large multi-state corporations at the expense of Oregon families and small businesses.

Oregon has shifted property taxes away from business property, including property owned by large corporations, and onto Oregon homeowners.

Oregon’s future – our economic strength and quality of life – depends upon critical public investments in schools and universities, roads, health care coverage, worker training, parks, and the court system. These investments make good business sense for companies that value Oregon as a place to do business in the future. Over the last generation, the taxes that fund these investments have shifted too heavily to households. Unless Oregon restores a fairer tax balance between corporations and families, the Great Corporate Tax Shift will continue to exacerbate Oregon’s fiscal problems and undermine Oregon’s future economic strength and quality of life.