Statement by OCPP Executive Director Chuck Sheketoff on Likely Ballot Measures: Yes Means Yes, No Means Trouble

News Release
September 25, 2009 Download PDF

Misinformation and fear are driving the campaign to repeal the revenue measures enacted by the 2009 legislature. Should referenda be certified, Oregonians need to know the facts. They need to know that a “yes” vote will mean yes to education, yes to health and other human services, yes to our public safety system, yes to fixing our $10 a year corporate minimum tax. A “no” vote will mean trouble.

Here are the basic facts about the personal income tax measure:

Here are the basic facts about the corporate income tax measure:

A “no” vote is trouble. Should opponents prevail, the corporate minimum tax would remain at $10. Taxes would go up for the unemployed. The flow of federal dollars into Oregon’s economy would shrink. And in all likelihood, the legislature would be forced to cut further education, public safety and health and human services.

Facts matter, and that’s why we’ll be urging voters to vote “yes.”