A big win for Oregon teachers, students, and working families

Blog post
April 6, 2018By Juan Carlos Ordóñez

Today, Oregon teachers, students, and working families can celebrate a big win.

Oregon schools and essential services won’t suffer the loss of over $1 billion dollars over the next few years, now that Oregon has rejected one of the most egregious pieces of the Trump tax scheme.

The Trump tax scheme created a new tax break for owners of pass-through businesses that threatened a big revenue loss for the state. Because Oregon automatically connects to some parts of the federal tax code, Oregon would replicate a misguided federal tax deduction for owners of pass-through businesses unless lawmakers said “no.”

This tax break, like the Trump tax scheme overall, is heavily skewed in favor of the most-well off. It also threatened to drain over $1 billion from schools and essential services over the next few budget periods.

In February, the Oregon legislature passed Senate Bill 1528, which severed ties with the pass-through business deduction.

Today, Governor Brown announced Senate Bill 1528 will become law. She deserves a thank you for doing the right thing.

Stopping Oregon from replicating the federal pass-through business tax deduction was the Center’s top priority during the 2018 legislative session. Working with a determined group of allies, we fought to protect our schools and essential services.

Bigger battles lie ahead in our shared effort to make Oregon a leader in assuring prosperity and opportunity for all its people. Today, we take a moment to celebrate an important victory.