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Publications by date about: Education

January 16, 2018Blog postTwo questions about Measure 101 keep coming up. Here are the answers.
August 29, 2017Radio InterviewOregon's kicker and higher education funding
June 8, 2017Blog PostHow to push back against misleading claims about state spending that seek to derail a revenue-raising package
April 20, 2017Blog PostClearing the smoke on the pot tax
February 2, 2017Blog PostIt’s Groundhog Day, and Oregon is still stuck with one of the nation’s lowest business tax rates
November 14, 2016Blog postThe path forward after Measure 97
October 26, 2016Blog postThe present and past funding of Oregon's schools
October 11, 2016Blog postAnswers to your questions on Measure 97
August 30, 2016News ReleaseOregon's jobs recovery bypasses many rural counties
August 10, 2016Blog postThe choice is clear with Measure 97: "Yes" to strengthen schools, "no" to endure budget cuts
May 27, 2016PodcastThe chronic underfunding of Oregon public schools
April 21, 2016Blog PostAre some lawmakers confused about Oregon education funding and budget basics?
March 6, 2015BlogOregon’s Higher Ed Cuts In Perspective
February 7, 2014Blog PostSchool Dollars Belong to Schools, Not Special Interests: Sign the Petition
August 22, 2013News ReleaseImproving Educational Attainment Is Best Way to Strengthen Oregon Economy
February 25, 2013TestimonyTestimony of Jason Gettel in Support of Pay It Forward Bill
October 4, 2011Blog PostMessage to Governor Kitzhaber: The road to excellence in education begins with poverty reduction
October 3, 2011CenterPointsConfront Poverty to Improve Education
August 30, 2011ReportThe Fraying of Oregon's Middle Class
August 30, 2011News ReleaseOregon's Middle Class Under Threat
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