Publications about tax expenditures

February 27, 2023TestimonyHB 3235: Create the Oregon Kids' Credit
March 2, 2021TestimonyHB 2819: Leave no worker behind
February 4, 2021TestimonySB 137: Disconnect from the CARES Act
January 22, 2019TestimonySB 194: End tax subsidy for gambling
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September 25, 2013Issue BriefA Grandly Flawed Bargain
June 1, 2013Blog PostBizarro World
March 1, 2013Blog PostNine Banks Not Taxed
February 25, 2013Statesman JournalOregon reviewing tax credits for wind farm
December 12, 2012Portland MercuryNothin' but Net Profits
December 10, 2012Associated PressOregon lawmakers to vote on Nike expansion plan
November 16, 2012Issue BriefDon't Let It Sunset Across Oregon
October 9, 2012CommentaryMy Sequel to We're Not Broke
October 5, 2012Blog PostTax Déjà vu All Over Again
April 12, 2012Statesman JournalOregon leads way on tax incentives
April 12, 2012Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2012 Edition
September 20, 2011Blog PostThe Tea Party Zone
June 8, 2011Issue BriefThe EITC's Benefits by District
April 25, 2011Statesman JournalOregon Tax Credits Face Day of Reckoning
April 20, 2011Portland Business JournalTaxation group praises Oregon's 'effective business tax'
April 15, 2011Fact SheetTax Facts That Matter: 2011 Edition
February 9, 2011Willamette WeekLights, Camera, Tax Break
February 8, 2011Issue BriefReel Inefficiency
November 4, 2010Beaverton Valley TimesIt's a matter of priorities for Oregon Legislature
October 1, 2010CommentaryIt's a Matter of Priorities
September 20, 2010Fact SheetEarned Income Tax Credit throughout Oregon
August 25, 2010KAJO (Grants Pass)OCPP's Sheketoff talks tax reform
June 10, 2009Issue BriefMisplaced Priorities
May 1, 2009CommentaryI Want Climate Change
January 28, 2009Issue BriefFirst, Stop Digging
September 1, 2008CommentaryA $75,000 Bargain for Oregon Taxpayers
August 18, 2008ReportNo Gain, Just Pain
August 1, 2008CommentaryWindow Dressing or Real Reform?
March 26, 2008Fact SheetExpanding the EIC in 2009
February 13, 2008Issue BriefFiscal Danger Ahead
June 11, 2007News ReleaseHope for Lifetime Learning
December 18, 2006CommentaryReduce Inequality to Expand Opportunity
March 14, 2006CommentaryDo Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves?
August 20, 2005CommentaryThe Paris Hilton Fan Club
June 6, 2005CommentaryTax Breaks and Secret Spending
May 5, 2005CommentaryIs Intel Bluffing?
January 29, 2005CommentaryBeware the Snake Oil Salesmen
May 23, 2003Report Robin Hood's Medical Plan
January 25, 2002News ReleaseTax Returns with a Silver Lining?
May 21, 2001ReportDim and Dimmer
May 29, 1999ReportHelping the Top