Hunger in Oregon

August 2, 2001


Which one of your neighbors is going hungry? Count off 17 homes in your neighborhood, and then choose one in which people sometimes have to go hungry because they don't have enough money for food. That's the hunger rate in Oregon -- one in 17 households.

It may surprise you, but Oregon has one of the highest rates of hunger in the nation. Our hunger rate is nearly double the average rate in the other 49 states.

Hunger in Oregon. This 18 page booklet looks at who is going hungry in Oregon, why Oregon's hunger rate is so high, and what some families have to go through to keep themselves fed. The report includes a number of statistics and charts about hunger in Oregon, and it puts faces to the numbers by including the stories of four families struggling to put food on the table.

Hunger in Oregon is by Michael Leachman of the Oregon Center for Public Policy. Design and Photography by Livia Fremouw and illustrations by Diana Urbanovicova.

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