New Data Shows Big Business Lobby Wrong, Again.

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March 25, 2011By Chuck Sheketoff

Some corporate lobbyists such as the Oregon Business Association have been claiming that Oregon has a “per capital (sic) income that has steadily declined for a decade.” (PDF) They use the claim to argue that Oregon doesn’t have enough money to adequately fund public services that low-income and middle-class families rely upon.

The big business lobby has been saying it so often that even smart politicians like Governor Kitzhaber have claimed that “the per capita income of those who are working has been eroding over the past decade.” (PDF)

But it’s not true. Personal income and per capita personal income have been increasing over the long term.

New data released by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis re-confirms that fact. The data shows once again that powerful corporate lobbyists with a cut-taxes-for-the-wealthy, cut-services-for-the-middle-class agenda have been misleading Oregonians.

Read Oregon Per Capita Personal Income Continues to Rise.

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