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Minimum Wage Increase Is Good for Workers and Economy, Though Not Enough to Pull Some Families Out of Poverty

News Release
September 17, 2013 Download PDF

Today’s announcement that Oregon’s minimum wage will go up 15 cents to $9.10 per hour next year is good news for Oregon's workers and for Oregon's economy.

As a result of the increase, a family with one full-time minimum wage worker will earn an additional $312 a year. The raise will help Oregon’s lowest-paid workers keep up with the rising cost of living, rather than falling further behind.

More money in the pockets of low-income workers helps the local economy. Businesses need customers, and the minimum wage increase gives thousands of workers extra dollars that they will spend at businesses in their communities.

While Oregonians should be proud that our minimum wage is adjusted for inflation, Oregon’s second-highest-in-the-nation minimum wage will still not be enough to pull all working families out of poverty. A full-time minimum wage worker with two or more children will still be officially poor.

No family with a full-time worker should be poor. A higher wage floor would be an even greater benefit for all workers and Oregon's economy.

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