Trump tax plan showers rich Oregonians with tax cuts

Blog Post
October 10, 2017By Daniel Hauser

Initial results are in: The tax reform plan proposed by President Trump and congressional Republicans will benefit the richest Oregonians far more than the middle-class.

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) released a 50-state analysis showing that the tax plan will be costly and poorly targeted. We have taken ITEP’s analysis and illustrated what the Trump tax plan means for Oregonians in three charts below. These charts show: dollar-wise, the richest 1 percent get a massive tax cut; the well-off get the biggest share of the entire tax cut; and the richest 1 percent get the biggest tax cut as a share of income.

Any way you slice it, the richest Oregonians are the biggest winners from the Trump tax plan.