OCPP’s 5 biggest stories of 2018

Commentary Photo by Tammi Harper

Photo by Tammi Harper

December 18, 2018By Juan Carlos Ordóñez

As 2018 draws to a close, we look back at the Center’s publications that proved most popular. Here they are, listed in reverse order:

#5. 6 things to keep in mind about Oregon taxes

A fair and effective tax system is essential to creating an Oregon where everyone has a real opportunity to thrive. So it was good to see Oregonians take a deep interest in our piece summarizing the good and the bad of Oregon’s tax system.

#4. OCPP's 2018 Voter Guide

Four measures on the November ballot threatened the well-being of Oregonians — further rigging the tax system in favor of corporations and special interests, making life more difficult for immigrant Oregonians, and restricting access to health care. Only one measure made sense, helping Oregon confront the housing crisis. Our 2018 Voter Guide proved popular with the public, and we’re glad to say that Oregon voters agreed with every one of our recommendations.

#3. Undoing the legacy of racism through better tax policy

As a state and nation, we still have much work to do to create a just and equitable society. A recent commentary by the Center explained that the legacy of tax and budget policies rooted in a deeply racist past continues to be felt in the present. We are heartened to see the interest our commentary generated.

#2. Two questions about Measure 101 keep coming up. Here are the answers.

The year started off with a bang, with Oregon voters overwhelmingly approving funding for health care. In the lead up to the vote, we kept our ear to the ground, to see what questions Oregonians had regarding Measure 101. This commentary cleared up several recurring issues.

#1. Oregon Teachers are Underpaid

The Center’s groundbreaking report showed that Oregon public school teachers earn significantly less than comparable workers in the private sector, even after accounting for benefits such as PERS. Released on the heels of teacher strikes in neighboring Washington, the Center’s paper made headlines across the state.

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