Two questions about Measure 101 keep coming up. Here are the answers.

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January 16, 2018By Janet Bauer

Here at the Center, we keep our ear to the ground to learn what questions people have about important policy matters. We clear up misunderstanding. We provide the facts.

Recently, we’ve noticed some confusion about Measure 101 — about whether the funds will go to health care, and whether the measure will protect schools. So, we got busy to clear things up.

Will the funds raised by Measure 101 only be used for health care?

Yes. The funds raised by Measure 101 go to health care only. Under state law, all of the funds raised by Measure 101 go to a Health Systems Fund and a Hospital Quality Assurance Fund, both of which are separate and distinct from the state’s General Fund. By law, the money in the two designated funds can only be used to provide medical assistance to Oregonians, to lower health care costs through a reinsurance program, and to collect the assessments and refund overpaid assessments.

Will Measure 101 protect schools and teachers?

Yes. Measure 101 protects funding for Oregon schools. Measure 101 provides hundreds of millions of dollars for health care in Oregon. Without Measure 101, the legislature could turn to the state General Fund for the money needed to avoid cutting people’s health care. Education is the largest part of the General Fund budget and would be vulnerable to cuts if Measure 101 fails. It is noteworthy that groups representing teachers and school employees (Oregon Education Association and Oregon School Employees Association), parents and other school advocates (Oregon PTA and Stand for Children), and school administrators (Oregon School Boards Association and the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators), all support Measure 101.

The health care of hundreds of thousands of Oregonians is on the line in the vote on Measure 101. It is a vote that ought not be decided based on rumors and misinformation.

So, if you haven’t already done so, we invite you check out our Answers to your questions about Ballot Measure 101 and the health care of Oregonians.

And remember to vote!