Toward Prosperity for All Oregonians: Shine a light on corporate taxes

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Oregon can take an essential step to fix the widespread problem of corporate tax avoidance by enacting corporate tax transparency. Transparency means requiring corporations to make public how much they pay in Oregon income taxes, as well as enough information to understand what benefits Oregonians get from the many tax loopholes and subsidies that corporations exploit.

This fact sheet is part of OCPP's 2021 legislative agenda, Toward Prosperity for All Oregonians.

To fix Oregon’s corporate tax system, we need more information. The Corporate Tax Transparency Act would provide that information, by requiring large corporations to disclose certain tax and financial information. The Act increases accountability and fairness, serving the interests of all Oregonians.

Oregon’s corporate income tax has gone awry

It is evident corporations have rigged the system to their benefit. Specifically:

When corporations use secrecy to avoid taxes, families and individuals are left to pick up the slack or public services go underfunded — and often, it is both.

Corporate Tax Transparency Act requires disclosure from large corporations

The Act applies only to C-corporations (not LLCs, or any other business type) that meet all of the following conditions:

Corporations subject to the Act must disclose to the Secretary of State information such as their Oregon sales, Oregon property and income taxes paid, tax breaks used, and more.

Corporate tax transparency serves the interests of all Oregonians

The Corporate Tax Transparency Act increases accountability and fairness by:

Support SB 312/HB 2976 to advance corporate tax transparency!

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Daniel Hauser
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See OCPP's new report on corporate tax transparency for more information.

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